Monday, February 16, 2009

Interesting Online Book

I ran across this interesting book today on the internet. It is about Indian woman (Native American Indian not telemarketing Indian) recounting her experiences with agriculture and traditions of the Hidatsa Tribe that settled around the area that is now North Dakota.

Hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Indian Ingenuity

In my ongoing search for self reliance, I ran across this after glancing down at my feet and thought to myself people used to make their own shoes all the time and not just moccasins either.

I was most impressed with this design.

Sandals made from used tires! What a great way to get some extra miles out of your old tires!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Part1 of 2: Rainforest Deception

First answer the question... No peeking or reading ahead!!!

Where is the rainforest? _________________

Most of you would say somewhere in South America and yes you are correct there is a rain forest there and it is being cut down at an alarming rate. The truth is, there are rainforests on every continent except one.

Can you name it? ______________

I'll give you a hint... it looks like this

Yes it is Antarctica, where everyone eats meat, even the meat eats meat. It is pretty much a size game and anything goes if you can kill it and get it down your throat.

Anyway back out of left field....

There are rainforests right here in the USA that have been cut down before the term was coined in the early 1900's and polluted even today. They spot the Appalachian Mountain range and run our western coastline from northern California to southern Alaska. You can find them throughout much of the USA and the general population is mostly unaware of the fact that these places even exist. It is all because of this guy:

During the ecological movement to spread the word about how man is destroying "the" rainforest, this guy became their sponsor. They need some exotic appealing animal that would shock and awe the public into taking action. This frog fit the bill. When seeing this creature one thinks immediately that this creature must be so rare, I have never seen anything like this and they are destroying its home and nature. They got their message across but at a price. While everyone was getting worked up about a jungle halfway around the planet, they forgot to guard their own backyards and we continued to pollute our streams and cut down our forests. Big companies and cities had their way with the land and no one stood up to stop them. They were too occupied trying to save the white spotted owl and the red-eyed tree frog. What about the white-tailed deer or the grey squirrel who are constantly losing habitat and food supply as we expand our cities. The biggest conspiracies are hidden in plain sight.